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Early Conventions 
Alpha Phi was not even a year old when the sisters hosted their first "reunion" in June 1873. The event was held at Ida Gilbert's home, and all members were invited to attend, particularly those who had left school since their initiation. The event set the precedent for an annual Alpha Phi gathering, but it was not until June 1882, as the Fraternity approached its 10th anniversary, that a true "convention" was held in Syracuse, NY. Beta Chapter at Northwestern had been founded in 1881, and thus, the Fraternity now numbered two chapters. Jessie King, the sole delegate from Beta chapter, traveled to New York from Evanston, IL to represent the chapter at the first Convention. 

In 1885, Fraternity members voted to move the Convention from June to October, in the hope that more sisters would attend. Later, in 1908, the Fraternity would revert back to the June convention. 

In 1896, the Fraternity moved to hosting biennial Conventions. The creation of the position of the "visiting delegate" in 1894 enabled the Fraternity sisters to make this choice. During the year when no convention would be held, the visiting delegate would visit each chapter, and her report would thus be presented during the convention.
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