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1890 | July 4


Columbian Exposition
In the early 1890s there was much excited discussion of the World’s Columbian Exposition, to be held in Chicago in 1893. Other sororities were abuzz with the idea of hosting an “Inter-Sorority Conclave” at the fair, and Alpha Phi voted to form a committee composed of representatives from all chapters to look into the plan. It was later argued in the pages of the Quarterly that such a conclave “would not only tend to bring these college and fraternity women into sweeter and closer intercourse, but would exalt to the world the benefits and privileges in the higher education of women, for which our America is already famed.” The “Personals” section of the August 1892 Quarterly was full of reports from sisters whose summer plans included a “visit [to] the fair.” Over the course of the Fair’s run, one hundred and one Alpha Phi sisters would pen their name in the Fraternity’s registry book!
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