Sally McCall Grant

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Sally McCall Grant graduated from DePauw University, where she first joined Alpha Phi. She earned a Master's Degree from Boston University. Sally began her Alpha Phi volunteer career on the national Executive Board as the Vice President of Alumnae.  During her term she made presentations to MIT and BU, served as their colony supervisor prior to their installation.   After six years on the IEB, Sally became the International Recruitment Administrator and served on the Collegiate Department.  From 1986 to 1990, Sally served as International President of Alpha Phi. During her term as President, many new chapters were installed including two previously inactive chapters at Washington State and the University of Colorado.  Sally was appointed from 1990-1992 as a Trustee of the Fraternity. From 1992 to 1994 she served as chairman of the Alpha Phi Foundation. As Vice President of Program Development Sally, managed the Collegiate Department as well as the traveling consultants from 1994-1996. She was then appointed in 1996 to serve as delegate to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). In October 2001, she was installed at the 2001-2003 National Panhellenic Conference chairman.  During her term as chairman, NPC celebrated its 100th anniversary and the conference adopted more than 20 resolutions changing recruitment for the next decades, creating parity for chapters and fairness for prospective new members.  She was the third Alpha Phi member to serve as chairman. Her Alpha Phi predecessors were Cora Allen McElroy, who served from 1911-1912, and Margaret Coshun Hutchinson, who served from 1953-1954. Sally currently serves as the Alpha Phi delegate to the NPC.

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