Mary Carr Boyd

(Omicron-Missouri) (1921-2009)


Mary was initiated into Alpha Phi's Missouri (Omicron) chapter in 1941. Her volunteer service to Alpha Phi International began in 1961 as a district governor. She also served in many other volunteer roles including chairman of the board of trustees (1976-78), International president (1978-82), building chairman of the Executive Office (completed in 1975), building chairman of the Executive Office addition (completed in 1991) and chairman of the Alpha Phi Foundation (1998-2000). Additionally, Mary served as a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) delegation (1968-1982). In total, Mary devoted 39 years of dedicated service to Alpha Phi.

During Alpha Phi's 2000 Convention, Mary received the Ivy Vine award in recognition of her distinguished, long-term service at high levels of responsibility for the overall welfare of the Fraternity.

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