Educational Leadership Consultants

In 1894 Alpha Phi became the first woman's organization to have a traveling delegate program. The convention decreed that a traveling delegate shall visit each chapter annually. The idea was brought forth by Henrietta Coone, (Beta- Northwestern) 1887; she insisted that careful supervision of all chapters by a visiting delegate was urgent. 

Carrie Jones Sauber, (Alpha-Syracuse) in 1885 was given the honor to serve as Alpha Phi's first visiting delegate. 
Her pioneer trip included visits to eight chapters and covered several months. Theta-Michigan was the youngest chapter and Epsilon-Minnesota the farthest. At this time the Fraternity considered the delegate ship as "the most potent office in Alpha Phi". Prerequisites considered were loyalty and devotion to Alpha Phi, personality as the delegate must counsel not only our members but University officials, and comprehensive judgment as well, and ability to accomplish the myriad tasks set before her. 

Traveling Delegates, Field Secretaries, Field Consultants, Field Representatives, Educational Leadership Consultants . . . whatever the title, the Fraternity owes an immeasurable debt to the women who have given their time and talents to this job since its inception in 1894. Whether they traveled by buggy, train, automobile or plane, it has been Alpha Phi's good fortune to have their keen vision and analysis of chapters at our fingertips. Click below to see a few of their stories and visit the Alpha Phi ELC website to learn more.

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